MESL - Mobile Enterprise Systems Ltd - The Pioneers in Route Accounting Solutions in UK

We are recognised as leaders in the provision of Direct Store Delivery solutions for managing large fleets of van sales and delivery vehicles. Used by some of the largest fleets in the UK and Ireland our industry expertise and Direct Store Delivery solutions make us stand out from other providers.

We, MESL are the official partners of HighJump in UK and Ireland. Using the proven HighJump Route Accounting system we have automated many businesses providing them solutions for van sales, proof of delivery, field sales activities and store survey requirements. In the past few years, business has become a whole lot more complex and often resolved by adding more and more manual systems. How much are all these inefficiencies costing your business? How much continued risk can you afford to take with outdated — or manual — systems?

MESL - HighJump - Our Expertise, Your Benefit.

Our solutions ensure you keep ahead of your competitors because we can offer:

  • Deep expertise in the DSD industry and understand its unique challenges.
  • Dedicated to providing a modern, integrated suite of DSD software solutions.
  • One of the largest direct store delivery software providers in Europe and North America
  • Committed to keeping our products in-step with customer and industry requirements and built on flexible and scalable modern technology.

MESL-High Jump - Experts in Route Accounting Solutions

Flexible Deployment

HighJump Route Accounting System is available both as a Cloud based system or can be hosted on your on servers and is accessed through HighJump One; a simple, yet powerful web-browser interface. The mobile application operates on Android, IOS or Windows devices from tablets, phones and rugged devices.

Vertical Specific Solution

HighJump provides vertical specific solutions that tailor and customise your Route Accounting Software. With specialisations in the FMCG, CPG, Dairy, Workplace services etc, we cover industry specific requirements and give you a complete end to end tailored route accounting system with customised capabilities.

Extended Reach with Mobile Applications

Our solution provides a strong foundation for your mobile operations which go beyond just processing sales and recording deliveries. HighJump offers integrated modules for mobile presales and delivery, survey management and data collection, warehouse operations, vending, and business intelligence.

Superb Integration Options

Our solution gives you seamless integration to a variety of 3rd-party ERP solutions allowing you to apply the same controls to your mobile teams as you do for your office staff. Eliminates costly re-keying and validation of mobile sales and POD data and make sure all your team are using the same data to make business decisions.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Our CPG and FMCG distribution management solution enhances delivery operations by tracking deliveries, returns and maintaining individual customer SLAs. The software manages sales ordering, pricing, shipping and billing to provide accurate information. MESL-HighJump offers full integration to your back office accounting, ERP or warehouse management system. Know More

Food and Beverage

Many of today’s best-known food and beverage brands trust HighJump for supply chain management because we offer unparalleled advanced inventory management and real-time visibility to critical information. MESL-HighJump Route Accounting Software allows our customers to focus energies on expanding their businesses and streamlining their processes.
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HighJump understands the unique challenges of working with highly perishable products and meeting the needs of customers — from neighbourhood convenience stores to large grocery stores. From route accounting to inventory management to mobile pre-sales and delivery, we’re committed to keeping our products in-step with customer and all industry requirements.
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Foods to Go

MESL and HighJump are experts in the deploying Sandwich and Snack Food solutions and maximising sales revenues. Advanced mobile selling applications help automate the sales force, drive sales growth, and increase efficiency by integrating sales teams with marketing programs. Eliminate double entry and re-keying of data resulting in abundant time savings.
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Baked Goods

When working with short shelf-life products, it’s critical to synchronize production with demand, while ensuring the highest quality possible. HighJump provides modern and effective solutions for direct store delivery(DSD). We’re committed to keeping our products in-step with highest standards of customer and industry requirements.
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Soft Drinks

With our route accounting system, you are able to drive costs down while increasing sales volume and revenue for your Soft Drink operation. Our solution provides sales order management, inventory management, route planning, delivery and financial accounting for the efficient execution of your front and back office operations.
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Alcoholic Beverages

MESL-HighJump Brewers solution is highly customised so as to give you an edge up on continuing to establish your brand, extending your sales model without adding personnel. Vertical specific solution with provisions to manage customer-installed equipment, sell, rent or free-issued equipment management and much more.
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Snack and Confectionary

The powerful MESL-HighJump solution creates the operational hub for snack food businesses, automating day-to-day field activities with real-time flow of information between mobile workers and office staff allows businesses to gain real competitive edge, whilst reducing ‘costs to serve’. Integrates with accounting, ERP or WMS systems
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Why opt for MESL-HighJump Solutions?

"Since adopting Proteo Enterprise in 2006, we have seen real, measurable improvements in our day-to-day operations and to our bottom-line. Our entire fleet is fully tracked and our client-facing and office-based technology is among the most advanced in the industry."


“Our delivered wholesale system ensures that we provide a fast, responsive and flexible service to our customers every time we visit them. We have also improved waste control due to more accurate forecasting, consistency across national accounts and an increased capacity for product mix optimisation across stores".

Freshways Food Co.

“Our Mobile Enterprise Systems solution gives us complete visibility of how we’re doing so we can make informed judgements. It’s the platform that runs our business - our central hub of all information.”


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At the recent HighJump User Convention (Elevate 2018) MESL won the Partner of the Year award.

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